Being Home

Discover who you’ve always been


My name is Edward (Jim) Butcher. Here at Being Home, I help you return to who you have always been, back to living more in your heart, and understanding and integrating important early threads of your life. (Listen to my audio intro below.)

We know we’re something more. As the French philosopher, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin observed, “we are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

Our lives are stories. You know yours from birth. But how did you choose your geographical birthplace and family? What past lives, if any, are still relevant to you? What agreements are ready to be released for you to become more integrated and whole?

By understanding and integrating your past, you become more of who are you today.

Jim has the rare ability to intuit the past lives of others. Using these remarkable insights he is able to provide people with a deeper understanding of the ways in which past life experiences influence their current lives.

Jim has guided me to an understanding of several of my past lives that have helped me to more fully awaken to reasons for my behavior and life experiences in this lifetime.

— Don Wallis

There are times in life when we simply want to know more about ourselves. Ask important questions. Search for answers.

Ever wonder…

  • why you were born to certain parents?
  • what role your geographic birthplace plays in who you are?
  • how a particular connection to the past keeps you stuck and not fully present now?

I can help you to better understand such relationships and connections – and have a deeper knowing of who you are. Or, release old agreements that no longer serve you. Imagine, just for a moment – feeling more expansive and aware, living more from your heart, feeling moments of exquisite calm – inside and out – to who you have always been.


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