Being Home

Hi, I’m Jim

I came into this life highly intuitive. I see life as a movie, people not simply as they are today but how they were in another time, conversations had, and scripts and agreements that unfolded.

Insights have always come to me easily. Over my life’s journey, from senior roles in business to working with mystical traditions around the world, from advising leaders to mindfulness coaching, I have advised thousands. I have learned how important insights about ourselves never get asked or understood to help you shift into a deeper knowing, integration and awareness.

I now want to share my unique gifts – and, help you BE more fully you.

Want to learn more?

Working with Jim is interesting, fun – and freeing. Jim gave me some wonderful insights into my relationship with my father and where I grew up, which gave me a greater understanding of my birth. My session helped me to shift profoundly to feel more whole.

— Adrienne (Nikki) Cobb

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