Being Home

Are you ready to discover new insights about yourself? Take this simple quiz.

Answer these questions:

  1. Ever wonder why you were born with your particular family?
    Yes No
  2. Are there things from your family holding you back now?
    Yes No
  3. Does where you were born geographically influence your life now?
    Yes No
  4. Ever imagine that an event from a past life may still affect you today?
    Yes No
  5. Are there still key issues that you need to understand, resolve or release to move forward – and, shift more fully into your heart and who you truly are?
    Yes No

If answers to these questions interest you, click the button below to have a personal session with me. I’d love to help you become and BE – who you are – and have always been.

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Working with Jim is interesting, fun – and freeing. I often meet people who I feel an instant connection with, like with Jim. It’s always helpful to see and understand these interconnections with other souls within the bigger picture of my multidimensional reality. Jim gave me some wonderful insights into my relationship with my father and where I grew up, which gave me an even greater appreciation of him than I already had.

— Douglas Walker

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